Adopting a rabbit is easy! 

Before deciding to adopt please take a look at our adoption procedure (below) and our care advice.

We have 3 easy steps to adoption

1. Home check |  2. Home trial | 3. Adoption! |

We ask that you answer the neccessary questions needed to find you the perfect rabbit. Once you have decided on a bunny we will carry out a home check to see if you have a suitable place for the rabbit to live.

We follow the RSPCA guidelines for housing which is a 5ft x 2ft double or 6ft x 2ft single hutch with a run area of 8ft x 4ft for a pair of rabbits (we usually don't rehome rabbits to live alone unless the rabbit has failed at least 3 bonds)

After the home check we allow a cooling off period for you to think things over before we bring the rabbit/s for a home trial. **

If you are adopting a rabbit as company for a rabbit that you already have, we will spend time at your home or the rescue bonding.
If at your home we will provide all the information you need and 24/7 support to make sure it goes smoothly. The rabbit will stay on trial with you during the bonding period and you will only adopt once the bonding is complete, therefore if it doesnt work out you arent stuck with two single bunnies

Successful home trials lead to adoption!

We have short contracts to be signed before a trial or adoption takes place with a declaration of care.

** Unfortunately due to time wasters we are having to reintroduce our deposit rule. This means that if you take a rabbit/s for a home trial you must pay their minimum adoption fee. If the rabbit/s are returned through no fault of their own then unfortunately you will not get your deposit back. (Updated: 27 Jul 2016)

Home trial declaration is a little different to the Adopters declaration. Adopters declaration may also have slight changes to this one as we re constantly looking to improve standards. 

Thank you for taking the time to look at your adoption procedure and considering adopting one of our rabbits.

If you are still interested in adopting then please fill out the quick enquirie form to let us know about what you are looking for
so we can make suggestions as to who we think is suitable for you and you family.

 Please also see our available bunnys to see who you may want to adopt.

For any other questions please contact us

We will look forward to hearing from you!

Adoption Fees

Most people pay the full amount but we just ask that you pay as much as you can towards the suggested fees which are based on some of our costs. Adoption fees help other bunnies too!

Adoption Enquirie Form

Rabbits are best in pairs or groups, if you don't have a rabbit already would you adopt a pair?

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