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27th February 2011

We started taking in rabbits in 2010 and later established ourselves as a rescue.

Dora was our first rescue and on the 27th Feburary 2011 she gave birth to a litter of rabbits. Thier birthday marks the start of our rescue.All of the rabbits (apart from one) found thier perfect homes eventually. 

I fell in love with Simba from the litter even when he didn't have fur. Others said he looked funny and had strange markings but I liked him and decided to keep him from early on. As he got older he turned out to be like the ugly duckling as he was the most beautiful, only fluffy rabbit in the litter and grew more and more hair as he grew. Everybody wanted him but he was mine and still is now. As his birthday marks the start of our rescue I also decided to make him the Lil-Furrys mascot.

Dora was in our care for 2 years before she was adopted with Harley to a loving forever home. Sadly she past away there last year but at least she had a happy ending. Harley still lives there with his new girlfriend, Lola.

Tania one of her daughters was a little hard to handle as a baby. She was with us from birth till she was about 2 and a half years old. She recently found a perfect home bonded with a neutered male called Murphy.

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