14th December 2013

Jojo and Loulou have gone to a foster home today and are already loving it
Bunnies getting used to their new play area!

11th December 2013

How cute is this little man? Enjoying some sofa time after having his nails done.

He has just came into rescue today so will be staying for a while to be monitered and neutered. He will then go to bond with the female I mentioned a couple of days ago or be bonded with one of our females so that they can be homed as a pair.

11th December 2013

Can't wait for our new 6ft triple hutch to get here!! It is going to allow us to house more bonded pairs

Couldn't have got it without our supporters kind donations so would like to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU to everybody that has bought any of our items or just kindly donated recently, we highly appreciate it!

8th December 2013

Had a home check today to find a friend for a little netherland boy. Owners were told by breeder and 2 vets that it was a boy but after checking we discovered its a girl lol. So we are now on the lookout for a little boyfriend for her.

Lola was adopted today after bonding very quickly with Harley. They are now living happily together.

Velvet and Millie have also bonded with new husbands and are just waiting to be signed over

We have also had an intake today. A lovely little netherland dwarf girl who came from not so good circumstances (story and pictures to follow).

30th November 2013

One of our foster parents rabbits passed away recently leaving little Harley on his own.

Good news is that he seems to be getting on ok with Lola and we expect them to be bonded within the next couple of weeks.

Also Millie is bonding very quickly with Hoppy and we expect that they will be living together in the next few days (pictures to come).

28th November 2013

Angel update - it turns out that Angel was not having more kittens. The worming tablet we had given her had not worked and she had worms. She has now been treated properly by the vet and spayed. She has also gained weight and is an all round healthy cat.

Angel is a very affectionate, loving cat around 1-2yrs old. She is available for homing now and anybody would be lucky to have her.

21st November 2013

We finally have a bank account for our rescue!!

16th November 2013

This big lad was taking in by a man from somebody that wasnt taking care of him. The man is unable to take him on himself as he already has a pair of bunnys so after a being on our waiting list for quite a while he will be joining us next week.

31st October 2013

UPDATES - Sorry I haven't posted any stories as to what is happening in our rescue recently. I thought I would take this opportunity to update everyone

Tania who was born in our care has been on home trial for a while now has bonded successfully with Murphy in her new home (seen in the picture below) and will be getting adopted very soon after about 2 and a half years of trying to find her perfect forever home. HAPPY NEW HOME TANIA!!

Velvet who was found with others in somebody's back garden has also recently went on home trial where she has bonded quite quickly with Snowy (a male that was previously adopted from us). She will be getting signed off (adopted) very soon too. HAPPY NEW HOME VELVET!!

Milly who was taken from somebody who couldn't take care of her because she was very scared and flighty has made huge steps! She has just recently went on home trial with Hoppy to be bonded together and she lay down in the garden and let the little boy stroke her head without hopping away Fingers crossed she will quickly bond when Hoppy has recovered from his op and be adopted to a lovely new home

More updates & pictures to come soon! Cheryl & Linda

 23rd October 2013

George settling into his new home :)

19th October 2013

Out of the two kittens that were left the kitten in the picture (now named Elvis) has been adopted and the other went on home trial today so fingers crossed for him :)

15th October 2013

News of Angel - Unfortunately when taking Angel to the vets today for her spay we have discovered that my suspicions were correct and she is almost due to have a litter of kittens

This means that Angel can still be reseved but can not go to a new home until 2-3month time as we didnt have the heart to terminate her pregnancy and have to wait until the kittens are weaned and she is spayed before rehoming her.

Little man from her previous litter is also still available for adoption now. He is around 13 weeks old and such a cheeky chap.

I will update about Angel and the new kittens when they are born.

13th October 2013

Our first big fundraising events at Paws in the Park and Paws with Pride really showed off how how small of a charity we are but we really enjoyed getting our name out there and raising some pennies for the bunnies.

 3rd October 2013

We were contacted by someone that hd two boys that had falling out and we gave her the option of having two pairs or giving one up and keeping one pair. She decided to give Lenny (black and white bunny) up and he went to a new home where he bonded successfully with a lady bun called Rita. We then tried Murphy (the lop) with a few females before finding that he quite like Tania so we strted bonding these two.

29th September 2013

Little George went to a good home and is settling in fine :)

 We apologise for not being able to provide info from Aug 2012 -  Sept 2013
Our Facebook profile was closed by Facebook and made into page causing us to loose everything!

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