Fostering a Rabbit 

If you are interested in fostering we will need to know what kind of foster home you are offering (please see form right).

Once we have discovered all neccessary information about your home we will then discuss what rabbits are available to foster and decide which one would be suitable for you to take care of. We never foster out a new rescue as we dont know what they are like personailty wise, if they are pregnant and so on; therefore the rescue rabbit that you will foster will have been with us a while.

After finding a suitable foster bunny for you, we will then need to come for a home visit. 

We usually bring the rabbit and foster papers out with us as if we think your home is suitable we would put him/her into your foster care on the visit; therefore potential foster parents must be ready to take in that day.

We can provide food, sawdust and hay although it can be difficult for us if you are far away, therefore if you are able to help by providing any of this, it is a great help as it means we dont have to rule out foster homes which are far from away, as well as it helping us with costs and in the long run helping to rescue more rabbits. We allow long term foster carers to be hands on with the rehoming of the rabbits if they wish.

If you have grown attached to the rabbits after you have fostered them for a while you could adopt them if you have the right set up (sometimes what we allow as a temperary foster set up is not good enough for a forever home).

Fostering can be a rewarding experience which helps us to help more rabbits in need of rescue. It also allows the rabbits to have more one to one attension whilst we search for their perfect home. If you are considering fostering then please fill out our quick form, we would love to hear from you!

(Below) A copy of our fosterers decloaration which must be signed by foster parents.

Foster Form

Madam (named by her foster mam) at her foster home where shes learning not to be so grumpy.
This is Winter at his foster home
where he learnt not to be so shy.

Milly coming out of her shell in her foster home.
Tania getting cuddles in her foster home
Plant Pot/Tiny Tim out playing in his foster home
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