February 3rd 2014

Tiny (right) bonded with Tim aka Plant Pot. 

They will be going to their new home soon!

January 21st 2014

New Arrival - Patch
This little boy is around 8month old. He came from a "veterinary nurse" who wanted to give him up as her kids had got bored! He was sat in a small hutch at the bottom of the garden with no company.

He will be neutered, named and available for adoption to live with a female friend soon

January 16th 2014

Charlie was put to sleep due to his nerves being permanently damaged and he was unable to wee. 
He went in his bed then we drove him to The Pet Crematorium, his ashes will be scattered in their rose garden. I miss him so much that it hurts and will continue to until I meet him at the bridge <3 

January 15th 2014
  Adopted Today! 
Sorry about the not so good photos 
This is Milly with Floppy in her new home and Velvet with Snowy in their new home
We have also had Ice neutered today. He will be going on home trial next week.
We have a new bunny in too, he is currently at our foster carers waiting to be picked up by us.

January 9th 2014

My little boy Charlie was run over :( 

January 8th 2014

successful home check today!

Ice will be neutered asap and put on home trial to see if he bonds with the female she has

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